codename: w i n t e r  s o l d i e r
t h e  e n e m y  w i l l  n e v e r  s e e  h i m  c o m i n g

He k n o w s the things he did before; how to fight, particularly, how to speak four languages, including, thankfully, Russian, and many other things. But he has no idea how or why he knows these things. He is nearly a blank slate, but an  i n c r e d i b l y  d a n g e r o u s  o n e.

I knew him

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

The Shining (1980)
dir. Stanley Kubrick

myers-briggs personality types

↳ ISTP (The Crafter)

ISTPs are curious about the mechanics of the world around them and typically have a unique ability to manipulate the tools in their environments. They tend to study how things work and often achieve mastery in the use and operation of machines, instruments, and equipment. They seek understanding, but in a practical sense: they like to be able to put their technical knowledge to immediate use and are quickly bored by theory.

ISTPs tend to be detached and prefer the logic of mechanical things to the complexity of human emotions. Independent and reserved, ISTPs treasure their personal space, and want to be free to be spontaneous and follow their own lead. ISTPs are selective about their relationships, and appreciate others who allow them plenty of freedom to do their own thing.


  • commonly found in populations of male college scholarship athletes
  • lowest ranked of all types to use social coping resources
  • one of four types least satisfied with their marriage or intimate relationship
  • among types least likely to finish college
  • commonly found in skilled trades, technical fields, agriculture, law enforcement, and military occupations
  • famous istps: clint eastwood, amelia earhart, miles davis, and katherine hepburn